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Jumat, 02 April 2010



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The band was form on June 28th 2005 with inu as voc, bulux as guitar, sulay as bass, n faiz as drum with punkrock as our genre. But in the middle of 2007 we lose our guitarist and found another shitty guy "ozzy" to be our new guitarist. And we change our genre to metal/deathcore with job for a cowboy, suicide silence, bleed from within, the black dahlia murder, and lamb of god as our influence. And now we're ready to GRINDING YOUR FVCKIN' MAINSTREAM !! |m|


Slipknot History

Bertpeng Rock Band: Slipknot!

Promoted the flow of Slipknot include: Alternative Metal, neo-shock rock, rap metal, but I prefer mengolongkanya as Nu Metal (with a different definition of the LP course).

They are identical to stage a splashy attractions, full of energy (also hate), and the mask of Helloween and add some sort of "mysterious anatomity" and aliases in their identity. Use of numbers 0-8juga included in their special costumes.

Slipknot formed in late 1995 at around Des Moines, IA.penasaran as their real name?? Hehe .. This is important! serial number along with their real name:

0 - DJ Sid Wilson
1-drummer Joey Jordison
2-bassist Paul Grey
3-percussionist Chris Fehn
4-guitarist James Root
5-sampler/programmer Craig Jones
6-percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan
7-guitarist Mick Thompson
8-vocalist Corey Taylor.
9-The author of this blog (he3x bcanda!)

bands that carry the ambition will be to-right tidakpercayaan launched on Halloween 1996 album entitled Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. This album is distributed by the Nebraska-based-ismist labels and get prerhatian of Roadrunner Records ultimately signing them in 1997. Pleh produced by Ross Robinson, in 1999 they came out again titled album Slipknot. At Ozzfest Summer Package tours, stage performances they started much discussed by the metal-fans.Pada end of 2000, Slipknot known people from the tour and "mouth to mouth" special achievement Bago incised Roadrunners: platinum.

Starting known many many people, the media predicted that the latest album they will occupy the number 1 in the early penjualanya, but intense competition in Iowa that week to make an album that released in 2001 "only" ranked 3rd.

After an exhausting toyr new album, they mamutuskan to rest for a moment and their own label memperisapkan aka: indie called Maggots Recording and picked up a band called "Downthesun" (Myspace I cariin article again).

We had a short break they also have a side job lho! nih him:-Dj Sid Wilson became a solo that was nick-name DJ Star scream

-Mike Root and Thompson both worked on solo material
Joey had a sideband-named The Rejects
-Sideband while Corey also had a successful called superego, contributed the song "bother" a Blockbuster Movie OST: Spiderman.

The personnel are never getting the good news from the UK with ditemukanya Website that also called "Slipknot", which was flooded with abusive emails.

In early 2003, with Rick Rubin appears kepermmukaan: Pulse Of The Maggots! in their third album: vol3: [subliminal Verses]. Ultimate Slipknot is not diminished at all, see only Duality, POM, etc. Vermillion.

I Will not WALK ALONE ANY longer, WHAT does KILL U.S. MAKE U.S. Stronger juice!

Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010